🇩🇪 Let’s go to Germany 🇩🇪

🇩🇪 Let’s go to Germany 🇩🇪

Emma Francis April 06, 2021


🇩🇪 Look at the flag with the children. What three colours can you see? Can you make a repeating pattern with these colours? A repeating pattern is when it happens over and over again. Black, red, yellow, black, red, yellow, black, red, yellow.

🇩🇪 Get the play dough out today and enjoy making a long sausage called a Bratwurst sausage and then turn it into a pretzel with the children. If you have both of these things in the house have them on the table so that the children can see them. I always find when you have the physical things out alongside the capital card it helps the children. They can the see it, smell it, taste it and feel it! This really helps visual and hands on learners!!

🇩🇪 Brandenburg Gate is a key landmark in Germany. It consists of 5 passageways which are formed by 6 rows of 2 columns. Look at pictures of this and it maybe worth having a go at making it with the children, toilet roll or kitchen role tubes could come in handy for the columns!

🇩🇪 Germany begins with G , a capital G because its the name of a country. Do any of your friends begin with a G? Can you work out which of your friends would also have a capital G at the start? Write their names together, practising the formation of the capital G (This is one of the hardest ones to form-so good luck!)

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