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If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at, and we will get back to you during our office hours from 9 am – 6 pm ET.
What are the age ranges for your products?
I’d say anything form the age of 2 onwards. However its not always about age, its more about when the children are ready which is why it’s so tricky to put ages on our products. The ages are a guideline though. The first pack that would be needed though is either our name package or the age 2-4 bundle. We then have packages that are more suited to reception aged children and then onto Year 1 & 2 children. If you’re still unsure then please drop us a message on Instagram or email on and tell me a little about what they find hard/easy and I will be able to tell you which resource will be best for them.
What’s the difference between the age 2-4 bundle and the school starter pack?
They are exactly the same product but a different size. The age 2-4 bundle is A4 size and the school starter pack if 13cm by 9cm. If your child needs extra help with fine motor skills and likes larger movements then I would go for the age 2-4 bundle as this larger size will suit best.
My Daughter has just finished reception, how can we prepare her for year 1 and starting a key stage?
Things do change as they go into year 1 but play still needs to be at the heart especially after a long day at school. Its easy to forget how much reading can have an impact on you child too. Keep up the enjoyment of learning, make it fun and not another boring task. Read lots, play lots, talk lots and experience everything you can.
What products would you recommend for a 3 year old?
The age 2-4 home learning bundle has the A4 pack of numbers and letters in. Plus it has a free dry wipe pen. This is perfect for a 3 Year old.
Should I teach my child the alphabet names of the phonic sounds?
I would always go with phonics first. When teaching letter names I use capitals as otherwise it can confuse them while learning to blend CVC words.
What’s included in the name pack?
All the letter from your child’s name including the capital to start. It is wrapped in cellophane with ribbon and a free dry wipe pen too.
Can you write on the cards?
Yes you can write over and over again with a dry wipe pen. All our cards and mats are wipeable.
What sounds are included in the phonic pack?
The pack includes 44 sounds: igh, ow, ch, ea, air, er, ng, qu, ll, nk, oe/o-e, ee/e-e, oo, ph, th, oy, a-e/ae, ue/u-e, ire, zz, aw, are, oo, ar, ck, ai, ir, ur, ou, ew, ff, ure, wh, sh, ay, kn, oi, ow, or, oa, ss, au, ie/i-e, ear.
How long does shipping take?
All orders will be posted 1st class on the same day if you order before 1.00pm or next day if you order after that.
Do you ship outside the UK?
Yes, we ship all over the world. Shipping prices are dependent on location. Please see shipping prices at checkout.