🇭🇺 Let’s go to Hungary🇭🇺

🇭🇺 Let’s go to Hungary🇭🇺

Emma Francis April 07, 2021


🇭🇺 Compare the flag to Germanys flag. What do you notice? Ask the children to make their own stripe flag with their three favourite colours. Name their flag after themselves. Remind them it must have a capital at the start as they are important. When they have finished it place it in their room or on their door so that they are reminded that they are important too and that capitals come at the start of their name and countries.

🇭🇺 Compare the word Hungary being a country to the word hungry. Write both the words out for the children to physically see. What do you notice? Make sure you point out the key factor that one of the words has a capital letter and the other one doesn’t. Write out the two words 10 times and turn them all placed down and play snap. Encouraging the children to recognise which one is the country Hungary and which one is the word hungry.

🇭🇺 Check out the card, what else can you see? The Rubix cube is full of colour! Make a 3D cube together and encourage the children to colour in the different squares! If you have a Rubin cube at home let the children explore it!!

🇭🇺Finally, the H is an easier one to form, encourage the children to have a go on the card and then draw round the edge of the country on the card and see if they can then find it on a world map or globe.

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