🇯🇲 Let’s go to Jamaica 🇯🇲

🇯🇲 Let’s go to Jamaica 🇯🇲

Emma Francis April 08, 2021


🇯🇲 The Jamaican coconut is one of the most popular types of coconut in the world, found on the towering coconut palm trees throughout the country. The taste of coconut is undoubtedly delicious and is used in countless Jamaican recipes . Cut into a coconut and taste it, look at it, try coconut milk, coconut ice cream, and maybe every chocolate bounty’s (one of my personal favourites).

🇯🇲 Coconuts are also great to do printing with! Make the outline of a coconut palm tree and then use the shell of a coconut for children to print on the tree with paints.

🇯🇲 There are 15 amazing waterfalls in Jamaica. Encourage the children to watch clips of a waterfall and then have a go at making one outside. Use rocks for the bottom and try and create a gutter or something the water can gush out of and crash onto the rocks. Children can then place different things in the gutter and see what happens to them when they hit the bottom of the waterfall. You can engage in conversation about water safety here too.

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