🇰🇪 Let’s go to Kenya 🇰🇪

🇰🇪 Let’s go to Kenya 🇰🇪

Emma Francis April 09, 2021


🇰🇪 My favourite item is on this card...coffee!!!!!! We have coffee beans at school and they are great for exploring!! Pop a load of coffee beans into a tray or bowl for children to role play making coffee, filling and emptying containers. Some of the key language to use during this play is: full, empty, half full, nearly full and nearly empty.

🇰🇪 Kenya has many animals that live in the wild. Such as the giraffe and buffalo. Watch some clips of the animals moving around and compare what they look like. Are they both the same size? How do you know? What do you think they eat? Encourage the children to predict this before telling them what they eat. It is important that children have a go at things first.Plus it makes you laugh with ideas that they come out with!!

🇰🇪 Banana farming in Kenya is very popular. Hide bananas around the house for the children to collect and bring back to you. Then set up a banana shop by writing the price of each banana on the banana. This shows the process of farming. They need to pick them from the farm in order to sell them at the shops. If you do the activity practically it will help young children understand the process .

🇰🇪 Encourage the children to write the capital K on the card and then find any other capital K in the house, out and about or on the card too! Remind the children that a capital comes at the start of your name, country etc.

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