🇱🇹 Let’s go to Lithuania 🇱🇹

🇱🇹 Let’s go to Lithuania 🇱🇹

Emma Francis April 18, 2021


🇱🇹 Another striped flag...Find all the striped flags from the other capital cards and compare the colours and the stripes. Talk about horizontal and vertical lines. Encourage the children to look in their wardrobe/draws at their own clothes. Have any of them got stripes on? Which way do the stripes go?

🇱🇹Look at pictures of ‘Trakai Island Castle’. Trakai is well known for its unique lakes and the medieval castle complex that was revived from its ruins in the last century. If you could live in a castle...who would you invite to live with you? How many bedrooms would your castle have? How many play rooms? What food would you serve from your castle? Encourage children to use their imagination when talking about the castle.

🇱🇹 One of the most popular sports in Lithuania is basketball. Encourage the children to play basketball and explore bouncing a ball rather than throwing and kicking it.

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