Phonic Starter Pack

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This pack is for children on the start of their phonic journey. 

Contains: 1x Lower case Alphabet Flashcard pack, 1x Dry wipe pen and 4 decodable books.

*The letters in this pack are flashcards which are 13cm by 9cm. * 

Teacher Play a to z flashcards offer children a fun and easy way to practice their alphabet. The set features 26 double sided cards with illustrations that help reinforce letter formation. All cards are wipeable when using a dry wipe pen.

The books have been created to support children in their understanding and learning of phonics. The teaching of phonics is essential in a child’s early development. By introducing letter-sound relationships, you’re helping to build the foundations of a child’s literacy skills. At this stage, children should have already been introduced to some sounds, therefore these book should be used as a resource to help implement the learning and ensure successful progression.

This set of 4 books focusses on Group 1, Teach Set  1 (m a d i t s), Teach Set 2 (p o n g c k),  Teach Set 3 (h e r f u b)  and Teach set 4 (l j v w x y) sounds. They also contain some common exception words throughout the books, we have placed these words in red to ensure children do not try to decode them. Common exception words are words that cannot be sounded out.

Decodable books are essential when teaching a child to read. Our decodable books are linked to our flashcards which is why this pack is perfect if your starting phonics with your little one. 

Start teaching phonics the right way with our brand new phonic starter pack.