🇧🇪 Let’s go to Belgium ! 🇧🇪
April 01, 2021
    • The Grand Place is always packed with people. There are tourists and school groups during the day and during the night, people sit on the stones in small circles drinking and talking. Can you become a builder and construct something that you think tourists would want to visit? Something grand, like a castle or the grand place. You may want to show the children books or pictures of other buildings. It may be a building of interest to you or to them, such as their school or nursery. This is really good for drawing on aspects of their own life and children sharing their own experiences. 
    • Look at the shape of the country. Draw round the edge of the land on the card with your child and look at the world map to see if they can find it. What do you notice about the shape compared to yesterday? It is important children compare the similarities and differences. The current population of Belgium in 2021 is 11,632,326. Compared to  25,749,369 in Australia . Therefore explain to the children that more than double the amount of people live in Australia than in Belgium!
    • Look at the flag. Today is all about black, yellow and red. We need to find as many things in the house as we can that are black yellow or red. Once the children have found objects, they need to count and compare which one has the most. Try and push the objects together into three rectangles to resemble the Belgium flag. 
    • Tasting: This is the BEST bit. Look at the card with the children. What foods can you see? What can you tell me about these? Are they healthy or unhealthy? Taste different chips, chocolate and waffles. Compare the taste of each and encourage children to describe what it taste like and what it feels like in their mouth. Remind the children that taste is one of their senses. 

✈✈✈Let’s go travelling✈✈✈

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