🇦🇺 Let’s go to Australia! 🇦🇺

🇦🇺 Let’s go to Australia! 🇦🇺

Emma Francis April 01, 2021

🇦🇺 Look at the shape of the country. Draw round the edge of the land on the card with your child and look at the world map to see if they can find it. As they are drawing round the card tell them it is a country called Australia that starts with a capital A because countries are very important.

🇦🇺 Find things in your house with a pocket. Collect all the things together that you can find inside pockets (you may want to purposely hide things...a bit like a treasure hunt) and talk about what you think the kangaroo may have in her pocket. Explain that it is called a pouch which is a bit like a pocket. We put things in pockets to keep them safe and or to keep us warm. The pouch acts as an incubator and allows the full development of the baby's body. It allows the mother to nurse her baby which is called a Joey. Even after the young have properly developed, the mothers still carry them in their pouch to defend them against the threat of different predators. Link all of these facts to a pocket as it will be easier for the children to understand. Every time they see a pocket... they will remember all about the kangaroos from Australia. You could even give them a print out of a Joey or the card to keep safe in their pocket!

🇦🇺 Make your Australian flag. What colours can you see? Can you see the stars?...talk to the children about where else they might see stars?

🇦🇺 Create the sea, use a see through bowl and add stones,shells, fish, sharks, seaweed etc.

🇦🇺Watch the clips on my highlights and ask the children questions based on their senses. Also check out all the photos @australia
If you jumped into this video/photo what would you be able to touch? Feel? See? Hear? Smell?

🇦🇺 Look at the card, what do you notice? What can you see? Do you have any questions? What letter can you see? What is this country called? Do you know how long it takes to get there? Do you think you could swim to Australia?

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