Our Story

Our Story

What is Teacherplay?

I always find it difficult to write about things that ive done but here goes.

Teacherplay has always been a vision of mine. A dream. I've been an Early years specialist for the last 10 years and I always felt like there was something missing.

Early years is centred around learning through play, but play has to be fun right? I felt like teaching the children Number sense, Initial sounds, letter formation, phonics…. None of it was fun. This is why I decided to launch Teacherplay.

Teacherplay started a little different than it is today. Initially we launched the Number cards. Using social media platforms I reached out to fellow professionals, mums, aunties and uncles, nan and grandads. Anyone that had young children around and wanted to help them learn but have fun at the same time.

Whilst implementing them in my own classroom we started off by sending gift wrapped packages to families in the local area. I soon started to realise that I could have a wider impact, further than just the children in my class or School.

Over the next few months we released more products with the sole focus of learning through play. Trying to make all aspects engaging and fun for the children that used them. Fast forward a year and Teacherplay today has evolved. Never loosing sight of why we started in the first place. To help children grow.

We made a decision that we couldn’t give teacherplay what it deserved without either myself or my husband leaving our current role to take on Teacherplay full time. I’m not quite ready to leave my true passion.

Working with children is all I’ve ever known. So Jonny is now busy behind the scenes, helping Teacherplay to grow and giving me the ability to focus on the products that we provide. So much has changed since starting my small business and I’m sure lots more changes are on the way. Stay tuned everyone...