How to get your child to hold their pen/pencil correctly

How to get your child to hold their pen/pencil correctly

Emma Francis September 27, 2023

Is your child at the age where they are starting to draw? Scribble? Attempt letter formation? 

If so then it's important to help them hold their pen or pencil correctly. 

Every child is different and some may love drawing and writing while others may prefer voicing their phonics instead

That's ok - you know your little one best so don't stress!

Here are some hints and tips to help your child

Knowing your Child

Pencil grip is only one part of handwriting. During their time at nursery and school, your child will be shown a few different ways to hold a pencil.

Most children develop a pencil hold that is comfortable for them.

The type of pencil grip your child uses is only a problem if it is making writing difficult to read, is not at a reasonable speed or makes their hand sore or tired.


Handy Hints and Tips

- Show your child how you hold a pencil

- Help with finger and thumb positioning

- Praise, praise, praise!

- Do lots of fun drawing activities with plenty of different types of pencils, crayons, pens and chalks


If you're feeling worried

- Try using different types of pens and pencils

- An elastic band wrapped around the pencil 1-2cm from the tip to remind where fingers should be placed can act as a helpful visual prompt

- Pencil grips are great for children struggling

- Try a different angled surface - for example, a ring binder places flat on a table

We can't wait to start this journey with you!


If you feel like your little one needs more support, our fun activity cards can help you!