Schools Closed: How to educate your child at home, in a way that makes sense!
February 17, 2021

Important point, as a teacher I know for a fact that the best progress comes from hands on experiences…this maybe hard in the comfort of your own home. Therefore, why not educate your child in a way that makes sense?

Give your child time to explore the kitchen. Ask them to help you make dinner. What ingredients do we need? Can you write them down? Check the child’s handwriting and then ask them to reform any letters that are incorrectly formed. Then ask them to follow the instructions to help you make dinner. While doing this… why not talk to your child about what they want to learn? Suggestions below…

*Make their own menu for the week (think about different food types)

*Setting the table

*Design some new pictures for the house


*Practical maths involving toys.

*Reading books

*Becoming an author

*Make some playdoh

*Craft for Mother’s Day/Easter

To help engage and motivate your child….Ask them to think about what they want to find out over the next week.

If doing any writing, make sure the child is writing for a purpose!

Keep safe, enjoy time with your child! Any questions drop me a message 

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