Educational Settings

We are currently working with many settings including schools.

We love how our products have enhanced current planning and teaching within these settings and continue to help children to learn in a fun, engaging and purposeful way. This has resulted in progress with developing language, phonics, fine motor, writing and lots more.

One of our main features is that all our products are wipeable when using a dry wipe pen. Resulting in hands on experiences for the children, this is exactly what the children need after the current COVID crisis!

At Home & School

We are developing our products so that we will have a full phonic scheme including lesson plans, training and decodable books available on top of what we already offer.

Do you need something new for your setting? Something exciting? Something Hands on? Affordable? Well, if the answer is yes.

Please contact

If you are interested in a free sample please write your name and school address in the email and we will send you a handful of cards for you to trail within your setting.

Discounts are available for education settings.


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