Word Cards


Group 1 Word Cards

168 word cards included in this download. All word cards have the sound buttons on underneath to help your child see how to sound out and blend the sounds back together. The word cards go in order of our phonic scheme.

Group 1 word cards include all of the sounds below…

Teach set 1 sounds~ m,a,d,i,t,s

Teach set 2 sounds~ p,o,n,g,c,k

Teach set 3 sounds~h,e,r,f,u,b

Teach set 4 sounds~o,j,v,w,x,y

Teach set 5 sounds ~z,ss,ff,ll,zz,ck

This is a downloadable product, you will receive the 168 word cards in an email within  24 hours after purchase.

Group 2 and 3 Word Cards coming soon.